If money were no object...

Imagine this with me.

Earning money is not your objective — because you have more than enough. Yes, plenty. So, now what?

What would you be doing with your life?


That question  we hear it said in various ways. 

When we really want to get to the bottom of purpose, passion and plan for our life (or business), this is the core question because it answers “WHY”. Why we (should) do - what we really want to do.

And yes, it matters. Its the difference between success or not.

Track with me here. We are going somewhere important.

Please don’t answer with something like... ‘I’d be playing golf everyday’ - or 'Id shop everyday' because frankly, if that’s your answer, I can’t help you, no one can. You see, it’s deeper than that — or it certainly should be. 

Making a contribution back... to family, friends or community (small or at large) is the key to having purpose.

Live to Give.

Most everyone loves travel, fine dining, luxury, recreation and relaxation - don’t get me wrong. But in the midst of that self-centered lifestyle, there must be investing in others, contributing to causes and giving of yourself intentionally - or your entire life goes (sadly) sour. It’s called being shallow - and the people around you can see through it. These same people will avoid self-centeredness, so you better enjoy all those things, alone - and like it.

So, now that you know that those answers don’t count...

Dig deeper.

What would you do? Start with what you enjoy doing when youve had plenty of time to relax and do your favorite recreation. What then? What about showing others how to do what you know or do so well?  coaching and teaching others.

Do you love reading? Writing? Photography? Art? 

Whats your hobby? Do you enjoy woodworking? Shopping? Cooking? Fixing things? Designing? Fishing? Hunting? 

How about being around other people or maybe not? Are you social, or unsocial? 

You see, there is no wrong answer, but the answer, nonetheless, is important. And usually, its several things - not just one. Life is multi-dimensional like that.

For me (when money is no object)...

I enjoy being with family, friends, the beach, cooking, photography, reading. Travel is wonderful (with friends or family along), but I love the places off the beaten path and getting to know the stories in the people. Taking pictures in these settings further expands the memories of those I have the pleasure of meeting - and knowing.

Past experiences teach and evolve us.

Crazy, but I love (and I’m pretty proficient at) techie things  pertaining to computers, the web, apps, mobile devices, etc. I enjoy learning about them, how to use them - not to create them (Im not that smart). Im moderately social in that Im perfectly comfortable in a crowd - or without one - for sustained periods of time. But I enjoy sharing with others to help them develop personally and professionally. So I enjoy training, teaching - on various subjects I have knowledge and experience in. And, there is immense fulfillment in helping vulnerable children find a crowd they call family - a hope and a future   and to give of myself (and resources) to instill this hope and belief in them, as well. 

What about you?

Write a few bullets or sentences about the things you enjoy. But dont attach earning a living to it. Just freely think about a life where the financial side is well taken care of. Yes  let yourself go there and picture that life. Maybe visit this daily for a week to really think through it. Keep writing it down. Think broadly - not just, I want to give back -or- I want to work out. Look at your day-in-day-out routine. What are the things you would be doing.

This is where you (will) find your purpose - or find that you dont know it yet, and there is more self-examination to be done.

How does this relate to combining your purpose with earning a living? It helps lead you to a starting point, or to re-purpose where you are, into a path that will get you there.

At this point, if youre still with me, you might be asking... 'Why should I dream when the finances will not support me in doing what I want'? Because knowing this in detail will enable and empower you to get on course and see the unimaginable as a distinct possibility — one day. Seeing it first is the key to getting there. Its your roadmap. Without it - stop. Keep on wishing - because that's what it is

We are going somewhere that will benefit you in a big way. Stay with me. Its worth it.

Now, grab your favorite beverage. Think about it. Dream it, vividly. And write it down.

Until next time...

Favorite beverage