On Mtn. Dew and EarthDay... just because.

I should have talked about my epic Mtn. Dew experience in the video, but honestly, the video is long enough. We can only endure so much, right?!  A few more things to add, though...

So...  more about Mtn. Dew here.

I loved it. I still do.  
Ask my kids. They will vouch for me. 

I used to consume it several times a day - every day. But eventually, I just knew I’d have to give it up. I started with the diet version… but the caffeine overload still wreaked havoc on my tranquility radar. Plus, the more I learned about the adverse affects of soda, the more I (personally) felt the toll it was taking on me.

I decided to do one thing. 
I couldn’t give it up cold turkey, so I allowed myself one a day. That was my treat. And that began the process of letting go.

And then, one day - I just decided I could live without it. I went to water, and never looked back. I dont even miss it anymore!

My recommendation (on just about anything in life that is a bit overwhelming to tackle the whole thing) is to start with ONE thing that you can do today - now. Then, once you have that down, go to the next thing. Before you know it, youve progressed quite well when you look back over a few weeks, months or years.

Most everything we do involves a process. Make the process your friend. Dont dive in, start drowning in pressure - and then give up.

Whats that one thing that you could do, just to start? If its giving up your favorite beverage (thats not good for you) I feel your pain.

Keep advancing, my friends. Cheers!