How to focus, when vision blurs and passion fizzles

"My vision is so blurred - I can’t find my passion."

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While attending an online webinar recently, I was reading the comments of other attendees in the comment section. The comment above really stood out. Because it's what I've said, and more than once. If we’re honest... it’s where so many of us are right now - yet, we're embarrassed to actually admit it (to ourselves or) to anyone else.

So, I'm admitting it, right here and now.

Bay Gazing - Leslie Brown

I want to do what I love, what stokes my fire, and makes sparks fly, for the rest of my life. And yet... I just haven't been able to SEE it. I've done so much, y'all - it's all a blur. If I go without contacts or glasses... I can't see a blasted thing. Seriously.

So... how do I get the vision back?
What do i really love? How can I invest in others - deeper, greater - and what matters about that?

Life does get real blurry.
We lose our focus. The passion for life wanes. The why, what and how of our life becomes completely unclear. And it can seemingly come out of nowhere. The abundance of demands, activities and busy-ness, create blurred priorities and lost direction.

Devices Blur - Leslie Brown

How do we get a clear picture of what we should be doing with our life, now - today? Or does it matter if we just take what comes each day as "our lot in life”? We can easily fall into the rut of day-to-day, and live in the blur of what comes our way.

At various stages and seasons of life, things change. Through work circumstances, family situations, health issues, and a host of other outside forces — we find ourselves living in response to what has evolved, or been interjected into our life. 

Here is an example.
At my stage of life, many that I see, with grandchildren, throw themselves into helping with caring for, and raising them, because it’s just what you do. There is reward, fulfillment and great joy in coming to the aid of our children - when they want our help. Yet, there is, also, the risk of doing more than we should to alleviate “the burdens” of parenting. Life can become dictated by their needs - without boundaries - and burnout ensues. 

Burnout can occur through numerous situations where we find ourselves going through the motions.


Let's have coffee with myself - Leslie Brown

Regardless of where we are, in any stage, we must take the reins of reality and get a handle on our emotions - or lack thereof. It’s not about being selfish - but about being a good steward of what is on our plate — and what we allow to distract us from “what matters”.

How do we find the focal point? How do we get a vision, and feel the passion for life, again?

It’s quite simple really - but that doesn’t mean it's easy.

There is so much noise pulling at us on a daily basis, we often miss our own voice that is trying to be heard.

Getting lost in the daily routine of busyness tends to dull our senses. We are overwhelmed with all that swirls around us - often working hard to survive, with no real purpose or zeal for the daily process. That’s the noise. And whenever empty space comes along for refreshment or revival, we tend to opt for more noise with news, social media, tv, movies - mindless chatter that keeps us in a rut that just gets deeper. 

I’m hearing people say they are tired and emotionally drained.

Peering through the blinds - Leslie Brown

It’s no wonder that our inner voice can’t be heard, or the passion and purpose, we once felt, is eroding.

Do you know how a musician tunes an instrument?
Have you watched a photographer take time to compose and focus on getting just the right shot? 
Have you seen how birds and animals stalk their prey?
Are you aware of the process most authors go through to write a book?
Have you observed an artist who is creating a masterpiece?

Here’s the common one thing.

Intentional quiet.
Frequent stillness.
Regular space.

See the one thing?

Quiet, still, space.

Journal - Leslie Brown

For you, yourself - and no one else. Not nobody.  
To reflect. To listen. To examine. To discover. To dream. To focus.
This is how we rise above survival. 

Oh… and one more thing.
That one thing (above) must be done more than once.
Find the time. Carve it out. Be disciplined about it.

Your joy, peace, purpose, passion... they all depend on it.

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