Snarled in a life jam? Here’s the detour.

Snarled in a life jam? Here’s the detour. 

Are you snarled and stuck in the traffic and noise of life? 

Confession...  I have been, myself, lately. But the jam is clearing up (yay)!
Here are a few clues to help you take a detour, and to transform your direction - as I'm (still) doing.

Because, its up to us to be the change (for ourselves, first) - and own our pursuit of transforming our circumstances. And... transformations and detours are usually a process.

This is where the forward movement out of the jam, begins... 

Own it.
Own it? Yep.

But, exactly what does that mean? 

What’s the big deal about owning our circumstances, or our situation in life?

Ownership is a metaphor in the case of life and work. You alone (hopefully) have legal possession of your life. 

No one else does, only you. And when you own something, there is responsibility that comes with it. The responsibility to care for it, develop, maintain, and protect it. That holds true for this one life that you get to live. 

We must own it,
Because we...

-become apathetic
-get too comfortable
-get lost
-resist change
-resign ourselves to stagnation
-draw those around us into our self-absorbed apathy
-dig a big ditch to hide in
-escape from taking responsibility
-become fearful of transformation

Winter Trees - Leslie Brown

One thing will get your life in gear, IF you get this one step.

Fear complacency more than failure.

We all know of those ponds where the water just sits, with no movement, and are stagnant. The water is murky - and repels us from going near it.  Not much good comes from these bodies of water. They are unfit for any good outcome. In fact, these still ponds or lakes, that are unfed by fresh water - or have no drainage or circulation, can become swampy. They are breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, and pesky insects.

In life, stagnation can have the same result.

Many have arrived where we are in life, currently, due to the circumstances that “happened" to us. Maybe it was allowed to happen - or maybe we involuntarily contributed to the situation - but, nonetheless, we need to lead (ourselves),and take responsibility to change it. It’s critical to be able to lead ourselves, before we have any hope of leading others, whether that be in our work, or in business, with our family and friends, or even in teamwork.

Wherever we are - we must not resign ourselves to a stagnating situation.

Possibly, youve heard the quote, the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Maybe we are in a challenging job, have a health issue, or have a relationship that is on rocky ground. It could be that we are frustrated with our financial instability - or the work we do isn’t gratifying, and even causes stress and/or depression. It of little consequence to dwell on how we got to where we are (as long as we don’t repeat it). Recognize and acknowledge this place, yes. But, to “own it”, we have to stop our thoughts from focusing on the past... good or bad. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is where we go from here, and moving forward.

We have to feed ourselves with the moving water - a desire for something different - and the powerful pursuit of making that difference by taking (some) action.

Gulf Gate Sunset - Leslie Brown

Youve been called to active duty.

It’s imperative to drain our minds of the negative thoughts that snarl us.

We must recognize that we have unique gifts that empower our being, and doing, in life.

Staying in a place, where we are not moving and growing, will stifle the gift(s)… just as the murky water is stifled by the choking adverse growth.  

It can feel like being in quicksand to try to make any motion, but every step of forward motion is creating momentum  - to somewhere. The question is always where are we headed - by discovering why it matters, in the first place. The how we move forward - comes from understanding where we are - and where we want to be. 

Regardless of where we find ourselves, the motivation to move on comes from doing one thing.

Just one thing.

Sailboat compass - Leslie Brown

What’s your purpose for getting there? In other words, why does it matter to you.

Then, and only then, you do the next one thing. Create your plan for getting there. Next, you do the next one thing.

Take a step in pursuing that direction.

Forward movement needs a direction to go in. Otherwise, we are just arbitrarily going, with no direction - no plan - and we end up somewhere else by default. Usually, that place, or scenario, is no better - maybe even worse - than where we were before - stuck in the life "jam". 

Purpose and Pursuit

  1. Own where you are. (Take responsibility).
  2. Know where you want to go. (Life gives clues).
  3. Create a plan. (It can, and will be revised, trust me).
  4. Move on it - take the next (one) step.

Every step counts.
Be the change.

Until next time...