Take the treasure off your shelf, and share it.

Life gives more clues - to your calling.

It's hard not to wonder what life is going to be like for the children who are born and growing up, today. Daily, the "world situation" seems to be closing in on our present life-as-we-know-it, and it seems as though things are rapidly changing, and not for the better.

I'm very positive there is something we (each) can do to help move this into positive, life-changing momentum - using the aggregated skills and experience we have - to teach, coach and mentor others - especially those who are (or about to be) growing families. I don't know what you have on your shelf that could be put to great use in serving/supporting others - but I know you have something. Today, incredible online platforms exist, by which you can share your message with your audience - who are anxious, hungry, hurting and hunting - to learn from you!

Check out my latest video post on this subject (below). It's my hope that it serves as a catalyst, to ponder what you could share, and how you could serve. I'm personally in this very process, right now. It's a process of discovering the what, how, and where - that my voice will bring the greatest impact. 

I already know why. But I want you to know it, too.

Think about that.
Because there is an important "WHY" that others just might need to hear your voice, as well!

As always... please share your comments below. It's a great exercise in letting your voice be heard. ;)

And if you're already considering how you could share you're own treasure, your calling, with the world... you can find out more here!

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday!