Book Review (audio): "The Art of Work" by Jeff Goins

Book Review (audio): "The Art of Work" by Jeff Goins

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The Art of Work - Leslie Brown

My purpose for this blog is to guide others in their purpose and pursuits for a life, lived well, and work, well done. Ironically, my mentor to help me do this showed up once I made the choice to reinvent myself again (and that's the author of this book). God delivered this book into my life to encourage and propel me. If you hear something that strikes a chord, I hope you’ll read it, too.

My biggest takeaway...
Our life is made - what it is - by what we do.

It’s made up of what interests us, what are we passionate about, and what activities we enjoy.

Tune in below for a 16 minute audio review. Listen while you’re doing something else - like driving, exercising or cooking - and time will fly!

Love your Life - Leslie Brown

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Thank you for listening!

The Art of Work Book

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