Why start blogging? And why now?

At 57, and after 30+ years in business?

Start a blog now?
At my age?
And about what?!
There are so many blogs already out there.
And they (those pros) have tons more experience at this blogging (and photography) thing.

So true.

Valid questions, and good points.

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Yet… I have a great sense about things, and my intuition has always served me well. This intuition tells me that blogging is not dying down. It’s actually re-surging — due in large part to the millennial generation, that seems to “get it” before the rest of us do. Because they’ve grown up with all this digital stuff, and have a keen sense as to the role it plays for their future — in business, and in being heard and recognized as a “force to be reckoned with”. Of honorable mention is the glaring fact that 70% of all millennials are going to be in business for themselves, and blogging is one of the (most) effective methods for discovering, and engaging with clients, customers, and vendors, supporters and/or suppliers.

The 'internet of things' will be a huge way that this powerful generation will get their voice heard — through writing and supporting what matters to them as they “come of age” and face the responsibilities that come with. 

And how does that relate to why a 57 year old would start a blog now, of all things?

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My daughter urged me for years to start one — but a blog always seemed (to me) like a public journal or rant (which shows how much I knew). But at the beginning of this year, I discovered something SO very interesting.

When I began to search online for photography subject matter, and started researching specific information about photography websites that “pro” photographers were using — I found 2 revelations.

  1. Static images displayed on a web page aren’t enough, anymore. Most of us enjoy more insight, and want to know the stories behind the images. Which, by the way, is also one of the key reasons why we love video.
  2. Most of the instruction I found in my various searches was authored or created by young(ish) photographers who were sharing what they knew, or had learned — through their...

(wait for it… drumroll)

Yes… through their BLOG.

It's not an online school or instructional website where I (still) learn what I’m looking for - it's on the blogs of 20-to-30-something ‘youngsters’! (If you’re one of those young professionals reading this, take it tongue-in-cheek — ‘cause you’re teaching this ‘older one’, plenty!)

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I’m still getting to the part about how this relates to a 57 year old just getting started… stay with me, here.

It’s about the voice.
Your voice. Your views. Your vantage point.

What you bring to the party.

And if what you bring is simply spectating… sitting over in the corner, keeping to yourself, and giving nothing of yourself to anyone else — then of course, that’s your choice. However, I sincerely believe that we each have much to offer in unique experience, talent, perspective — that is distinct to you — and you, alone.

No one — not one person anywhere — brings to the party-of-life (or business) what you bring. There is only one with your voice, your experience, with your life. And this offers great solace, benefit, value, instruction, guidance as only you can — and as only certain people will even listen to.

Think about it.

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You know how you can hear a speaker talking about a subject that highly interests you, yet, you just can’t handle their delivery, or voice, or mannerisms? Right. So online, it works the same. Someone can have a great website (or not) and you’re immediately attracted, or repelled by the delivery on that website (or blog). If repelled, you go look elsewhere for someone who delivers almost the same information, but in a delivery format where you can actually receive and absorb it. 

In today’s world, we learn more from one another (online and offline) than we do from instructional-type institutions. (I still think a college education if highly overrated — although I urged my children to get one). And we have the perfect platform (online) through which we can be selective and discerning, by responding to, or rejecting, that which does not grab our attention.

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This voice you have — that we each have — is important for others. Not only for what you bring, but (as stated above), as only you can deliver. I realize that everyone does not have to do so via the internet. I get that. However, if you feel that you have something to share, or give - and you haven’t yet found the platform by which to do so, then by golly, this could be it!

There are a few aspects of starting a blog that are simpler, or more important, than we think, so let me clarify a few preliminary items for you, now.

1. You don’t have to know everything that you want to share, before you begin blogging.

Authors write one paragraph, one chapter, at a time. Just write about what you’re compelled to share, for today. 

2. Everyone else’s opinion can help you, but also distract you, from your intent.

Take their suggestions regarding subject matter into consideration, yes - but not as gospel. Feedback from what you blog on is actually even better, after the fact (after you’ve posted a written piece). It give you input as to what does, or does not, interest your audience.

3. How you deliver your “voice” to the online world is important.

It’s like welcoming guests into your home with an attractive design. If you’re not “gifted” in this area, get help from someone who knows how critical design is to make your audience (your visitors) feel welcomed, and comfortable in a space that makes them want to return to. (I can help you with this — just ask. Really.)

4. Writing can be a lot more fun, than it was in school.

In fact, I think this holds a lot of people back from blogging. They are just afraid of “the task of writing” — when in actuality, writing about something of great interest or benefit that you have keen perspective or knowledge for, can be quite fulfilling, and enjoyable.

Granted, that’s not a exhaustive list, but they are invaluable to recognize if you’re remotely considering this fun journey. And all of the above is why this 57 year old decided to (finally) jump in.

I have lots to share about photography, business, life, and the stories behind my creative side. :)

No one can deliver it quite the way I can. My way is not better — but for some, it is the only way they might listen, and receive.

Our world needs experienced voices. We don’t have all the answers, but we sure have insights that will help and benefit others pursuing similar paths.

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So, I hope you’re considering, or have already begun a recent path into the blogging world — about that which you should be saying, sharing, giving, or selling.

And, if I can do anything to support or guide your path, I’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out the form below, and it will come (privately) right to me. I’ve learned a ton, real fast, and know how to save you a lot of frustration and confusion in the process.

The world never has too much of a good thing. And all it takes is one light, possibly your unique light, to shed light on the dim path that others are on.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I frequent — in fact, I rarely just go to ‘websites’ anymore, unless I’m shopping for a specific item.

Blogging & Business:





It’s fascinating to learn more about others, from other countries and areas who share similar interests… so whether or not these, that I've shared, “float your boat” - search for subjects and items that attract you. No doubt you’ll discover people, stories, and valuable information on someone’s blog.

Where, and how, is your voice heard?
What is the platform, offline or online?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Until next time,

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