Move others by what you make.

Our vision and voice are revealed in what we create
as a photography creative.

We are given one life to inspire, equip, instruct and aspire other people - using the gifts and purpose bestowed by our Creator. 

Photography: The Vision, Voice and Verve
A friend and mentor recently reminded me that our personal vision and voice in life is created by God with the intent to bless, serve, and focus on others — not ourselves. And that’s where verve comes from.  Vision and voice create verve - a spirit of enthusiasm and energy to be shared.

Internalized vision and and subdued voice only dims the light and vibrance of our life - and suffocates relationships. 

The art and creativity of photography.

You don't take a photograph, you make it.  
-Ansel Adams

It’s often noted that when a number of photographers are positioned together, in the same location, to capture the same image — the resulting image for each photographer will look uniquely different than the others. Not one image will be the same.

There is no doubt that we are each different, bringing distinctive creative perspectives. 

Another scenario many of us have experienced is the game where a number of people are gathered in a circle, and one person whispers a secret message to the person next to them, who in turn, repeats that message to the next person — again, and again — until the message has been passed one by one around the circle. By the time the message gets to the last person, it hardly resembles the original message. 

We each see, and create, from our own perspective.
We each hear, and share, from our own understanding.

Same image.
Same message.
Same tools, colors, notes, palette, instruments, letters, words.  
Yet, a unique and different outcome with each individual.

And so it is with our creative side.

Our spirit, interpretation, passion and heart is a formula that enables each creative result to have it’s distinctive properties — although the attempt is made countless times to imitate, the formula from the original creator can rarely be duplicated.

We also become different from who we were, over time.

Vision expands.
Voice evolves.
Paths take a different turn.

Nothing remains the same. And neither do we. As we experience more of life, our vision expands. As we gain understanding, our voice evolves and gives way to more expression — although the expression is not always heard. Our internal voice has many ways to be expressed, as does our vision.

Change should bring growth and improvement, to our vision and voice. We tend to resist, but once embraced and processed, we can experience the evidence of growth in our creative flow.

Our starting point is never our ending point. And each season of stage of change in vision and/or voice can lead us to new levels of development, expertise and creativity.

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.   -Ansel Adams

Bless others with your vision, voice and verve - because you are the only one with your unique perspective, gifts and spirit. When the focus is on serving others with what we are given, to share - it takes the emphasis away from self - and flows through in similar manner as water in a pipe. We are the conduit for what flows through.

I’m seeing change in my own path, pursuing my photography with even greater focus and intensity - and wanting to share more with others what I learn - along with what I make. 

I hope you take all that makes you distinctly different from any others - and pursue that which blesses those who intersect your path, by sharing it.

Viva la verve!

P.S. If you’re just not sure what that path of passion and purpose involves for you, I highly recommend that you check out the pathFinder process (through the Beacon People community) to discover your best path and pursuits, specifically designed for you.