Where is your beacon? Or, possibly your bacon?

Where is your beacon? Or, possibly your bacon?

[Starting a business network in your community - for connection, inspiration and guidance.]


And... what we’ve learned from homing pigeons. It was once thought that the distinct ability these pigeons have to get back to their original destination from hundreds of miles away was due to their sensitivity to landmarks, the earth’s magnetic field, and/or the sun, as their compass. With more research and discovery, its now believed that homing pigeons use, yet another, compass as their beacon.

They use their sense of smell. 

Kind of like we do when we smell bacon. :)

Now, of course, we humans cannot literally smell our way to our next pursuit  but there is much we can gain from using our 5 senses, and in connecting with our people".

Weve heard the term, home is where my people are. We say it (a lot) in the south a lot, so much so that author/blogger, Sophie Hudson wrote a delightful book on the subject. You can check out her book, here:

So, where is this drift going?

When we “clue in” on our people - those we serve (our family, our customers, our friends) — we discover the landmarks (the beacons) that help us to navigate to “home”. In this reference, "home" is the direction youre headed in, and what your calling is — what you build your life, work, or business around.

Listen to this audio with Anna (and me) and you'll see why I'm excited about why, and how, Beacon People is spreading!

Oh... and you have to watch this clip from Lord of The Rings. Trust me... this will all come together, very soon! 

Making sparks fly...