Dear Neighbors

Thank you.

We have had the pleasure, and privilege, to call you neighbors and friends for 25 years at our home-away-from-home in Florida. The times - and tales - we all treasure on Little Sabine Bay speak volumes about the people, and the place we all love, to live life. You are a beautiful family, inside and out.

Bay beauties - Leslie Brown

We are grateful for how you care.

In the 25 years we have enjoyed the play times of your kids, and our kids, whenever we were on the water and out in the sun. Your family has enjoyed the full-time beach life - and we've only been there part-time, but it remains a haven for us, to this day. To arrive, always knowing you're next door, the friendly faces and family we have come to know and love - it's a comfort zone.

Your family protects, preserves - and hold close - the people and the place, where you so often gather as a family, on Little Sabine Bay. We admire your family ties, and how all are welcomed, as if they were.

You've raised beautiful children to adults, now, and they are pursuing their own future - with no doubt, they'll end up somewhere near the coast. It's their life, and they wear Florida, well. So well, that it was such a thrill to capture pictures of the prettiest of the family. We will get the guys another time, but what a joy it was to chase the sun from the bay to the beach, and back to the bay for a lovely sunset, with such lovely ladies.

I tease the girls about being famous one day, and that's the farthest from their minds, because they have hearts full for living and loving the simple "salt life", as they've always known. Your girls exude the grace, gratitude, and glow - of their mother.

Completely coastal. 

Gulf Girls - Leslie Brown

The kindness, the always-ready smiles, and the gracious spirit you all exude is contagious whenever anyone is around you... and they come around alot for your Gulf Coast hospitality. Laughter, water, sunshine, fellowship and great food - what's not to love? 

Our family loves your family. 

Thank you for who all of you are. I hope we are neighbors for the next 25! More children need to experience this life, and no doubt, there are more in our future from these sun-kissed ladies and gents. 

Waves of gold and blue - Leslie Brown
Sunkissed Sundow - Leslie Brown

Here's to the salt life...

Fun in the sun, and a very blessed future. You sure have been a blessing to this family the last 25 years, neighbors. It's special to all of this family, and I just want to say so.

The Bay Afterglow - Leslie Brown
Little Sabine Beauty - Leslie Brown