Victoria | Pensacola High School | Senior Portrait


Creative. Kind. Compassionate. Adventurous. Outgoing. Intuitive. Beautiful. 

A do-er, with a sincere heart.
That’s only part of what people come away with when they have the chance to know, and interact with Victoria.  She is soft-spoken, yet determined — and she is fiercely devoted to her siblings, family and friends. Growing up on the beach, she thrives on the water and the outdoors. In fact, she always has a radiance about her, that comes from her love for the sun, sand and surf, and everything about living a coastal adventure, with her family. Photographing V is a photographer’s dream. But, that’s obvious, y’all.

I’ve had a birds-eye view seeing this lovely lady grow up. She was born when my youngest was 8 years old, but she was a water warrior playmate for my nephews who were closer in age - and these kids never wanted to come inside once they were out having fun in, and on the bay. What a playground they’ve all enjoyed. V is the youngest of all of our bayside-friends children, so life is moving on… for us all.

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Victoria has amazing culinary gifts, and exudes a spirit of hospitality, always welcoming friends and sharing her delish creations. Her parents raised her and her siblings surrounded by friends and family gatherings - most all hosted outdoors, with loads of laughter and wet bathing suits. This gorgeous gal doesn’t stop smiling when she’s with her people, and in her place. That beautiful smile comes from a deep adoration for her family, a fierce loyalty to her friends, and a relentless spirit to live life to the fullest. And that, she will.

Where life takes Victoria after graduation (with the International Baccalaureate Program, no less) will be another great chapter to unfold. There is no doubt, she won’t be too far from family (for long) and the water will be glimmering close by, just like V does.

Shine on, beautiful lady.  

Senior Portrait Session Info      |      Location Credit: Thank you to the always charming Seville Quarter