Grounded, as your world moves.


You know the feeling when it seems as though you just became adjusted to something, and you’re settled in — only to learn that it’s all changing, again?

Living close to a naval base gives a glimpse into the roaming lives of those who serve our country in the armed forces. They live a mobile life, in most cases, particularly in the first 10 years of service. I’m not sure of the motivation behind moving families around every few years… surely, there must be a lot of expense associated with it - but it obviously serves a vast purpose. Add in the stress of moving, and the angst in getting settled in a different community - it’s no small wonder the amount of adjustment necessary for entire families.



A far bigger feat than it appears, in certain situations. And I greatly admire those who are constantly adjusting, and re-adjusting their surroundings, schedule and personalities with such a great attitude. Because let me be real here… it’s a hard road, personally. I can do it, yes. But the time it takes for me to adjust to uprooting to a whole new world is obnoxious, even to me. I have to tell myself regularly to just get over it, and embrace the new normal — but it’s tough, y’all.

Some people just make it look easy. And that’s this family.

In fact, it seemed as though they had been in our area for years — but actually only months. And they know there’s a strong probability that they will be gone, again, in just a couple years, due to changing assignments. 

We are blessed to have them here, while we do. I’m even more grateful for the service of others to our country when I can know them, personally.

The joy, laughter, kindness, patience and compassion this family spreads around is going to impact more than a few in our community. In this day and culture, when the family unit is attacked from every angle, and unravels so often — it’s uplifting and inspiring to see families who love being with each other, and they show it in their interaction.

It’s quite obvious in their photos, too.

We arrived at our agreed location for this photo session, only to discover that a HUGE art festival was underway, teaming with thousands of people in every possible direction! We had to adjust, and I had no idea the how, or the what — but we found a little spot in the midst of the crazy crowd. I snapped away almost as if no one else was around, and they adjusted so well. 

But then, they are used to that. And I’m blessed and encouraged to adjust more easily to...

Life.   Always.   Changing.
Faith teaches us to trust only in Him — for He directs our path. 

Thankgoodness, for families who get it — and adjust to His plan and purpose for their lives. You’re teaching me plenty!