The Family Who Launched Me

When the pieces all come together, the vision is clear.
It’s a statement that makes sense when we go through a time of floundering, and wondering, what we are supposed to be doing with ourselves. I realize there are “those people” out there who never feel this way - but I’m not one of them. In fact, I actually like seeing the pieces of something come together with the same satisfaction of completing a giant (life size) jigsaw puzzle. And that's because I follow His lead - albeit a slow journey at times.

The best part is when you have close friends who help sort through the piecing-together process, and they nudge and encourage us through it all. That is this family — and they have done this for me, for decades. In fact, if you’ve ever read my Dear Don blog post from last year, well, this is Don, pictured as the patriarch in the photos. Now Don just considers himself as the average (funny) guy, dad and businessman. Yet, he lives a legacy that enables his family and friends to be their better selves — because of his impact on our lives.

Then there is Kathy. A dear (tender, talented, kind, compassionate) friend - through "our" ages who always, and I mean always, looks on the bright side, even when it’s dark, all around. She leads me, encourages me — and is a supporter/cheerleader extraordinaire. As Sophie Hudson wrote in a recent post, "When the Holy Spirit in one woman recognizes and responds to the Holy Spirit in another woman, safe places become sacred spaces.”  Indeed, that’s it! Our friendship is safe, and sacred — because of the faith and love we share for Jesus, and each other.

So… All of this leads me to something new in my life’s work, that is officially launched as of this week.  

TA DA!!!!

Lifestyle Portrait Sessions

Below is a screenshot from the Lifestyle page. If you click it, it will lead you right to it.

The nudges I received from Kathy and other dear ones in my life, to embark on this new chapter, has been exhilarating and exasperating - at the same time. But, it’s done — and I’m truly excited about it.

Because, I love investing in people, getting to know them, and capturing life moments for them to treasure forever.

Lifestyle Portraits (especially in coastal settings) is now a part of my portfolio — and I’m so thrilled to get it off the ground!

Candidly, it’s been a huge desire for awhile (like decades) but misgivings always snuffed it out. That’s why we need each other to stoke the embers of our gifts and passions. Sometimes others are the spark that ignite our flame, when we can’t seem to do it for ourselves.

These gracious friends asked if I might photograph their family while they were vacationing on the coast, and I jumped at the privilege! And then it hit me... how the whole process of planning and doing their coastal lifestyle session resonates with my heart and completely fuels me

And then when I saw the images. (deep sigh)

Well, tears happened. Because they loved having me shoot their pictures almost as much as I loved creating them! Oh... it was windy. And it was cloudy. NOT the best setting for the outcome we all desired. But serendipity has become a fav word. And we just rolled with it.

It’s a thing now.

And I’m so excited about the couples, mothers-to-be, families, children, newborns, and high-school seniors I will be able to pour myself into, as I bring their story to light, with light, through imagery in settings they love - with the people they cherish.

Thank you to all of my family and friends for your encouragement. You know who you are.

And so much gratitude to Kathy and Don for entrusting me with those 60 minutes that will now show wonderful moments - seized for lifetimes to come. 

You launched me. And now I’m ready to fly.

Please share my Lifestyle Portrait services with anyone that might enjoy having their moments captured by someone you know. 😉  I have a terrific surprise gift for each referral you make. Hint: canvas

This is going to be so fun, y’all.