Character Shines Through

In the 60-90 minutes I have to visit with and shoot a family session — I can tell so much in that time frame about them. It’s so much a part of what I love about a session… getting to know the family, and staying in touch to (hopefully) document their story going forward.

This family had such a spirit of character and strength. Granted, none of us “have it all together”, but you can tell when a family has respect, consideration, and appreciation for one another. 

And here is what speaks the loudest… how the children act around their parents, and around others. When laughter, confidence and honor is present — it speaks volumes. That’s what I could see about this beautiful southern family in such short order. They love dearly, fiercely, and respectfully. In fact, they enjoy being around each other — and that’s priceless in this culture where so much pulls at our time away from one another.

This honor, respect and love is all from God.
He is loving others through this family.

Because of their faith, and love for Jesus... this family loves their friends, and their friends love them back. I’m quite sure they are great givers, of their time, talent and heart, as the Lord has blessed them with much to give. I hope to reunite with them every few years to capture their story. They are where I was 10 years ago with my own children… and I can see where they will be, because I’m here. Children all married, and many grandchildren. 

Oh how I love sharing this time and seizing these memories. Thank you Finch family. I enjoyed that beach time with you more than you know!