Family Ties That Bind

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Things always change. 

Yet when we look back on “when” photos were captured, it evokes emotion, with the memories, of what life was like at that time… good, or not-so-much. 

As I get to know, and serve, my treasured clients and friends — they hear me say (a lot) that they will appreciate and cherish their family photos more and more, as the years pass.

But that hour.

The hour when everything else that mattered was seemingly wiped away by all the smiles, hugs, laughter and poses in the midst of a most beautiful, sublime beach setting. By the time the hour is done, all is back to normal. Hair is blown, humidity has taken its' toll, and the smiles wane. 

Back to real life.

The day-to-day is uplifted whenever we reflect back on times we loved and laughed. And we reflect on those times and elevate them when we keep them in front of us. They do become cherished memories… unless we tuck them away to be forgotten.

Let’s not do that. I will always encourage others to document and print. Keep the photo-books prominently displayed. Build out your walls and tabletops with portrait art to remember, recollect, and keep the stories alive and strong. 

Which brings me to this family. Their fun-loving spirit is alive and well, in the midst of real challenges. And we all have them. Yet, rising above them, focusing on our blessings, and praising the Lord (regardless) always wins the day. I love seeing families rise above their circumstances, and choose to bind together during challenging times. 

See the smiles?

They are real, although. Things are not like they were in paradise during this hour, but their love is. And the memories of this time, and these smiles, will help sustain their spirit and encourage them for the road ahead.

I’m so blessed to call this family mine.