When Something Pulls You...

Pensacola Family Photography | Coastal Lifestyle Photographer

All the way from Idaho. That’s a long way, y’all. As in a 30 hour drive. As in 2,050 miles. It’s far, far away from the Florida coast. Almost as far away as you can get - but that would be Washington State - which is next door to Idaho, and way up there in the Northwest part of the USA - for those who haven’t looked at that part of the map for awhile.

Yet, when something like the beach pulls you...
You want to share it’s wonder with those you love — and you make your way there. I call it sacred space. For some it's the mountains, or the land - or a cup of coffee by a fire, but when you know the peace and strength of it, you get there, as often as possible.

And that’s what this gorgeous family of 6 did. They finally got to the beach. The travel alone took up half the time they had, to get away. But I believe they will be back. A few of the six experienced the pristine white beaches of Pensacola for the first time — and were smitten with it’s magnetism, as most people are.

Of course, I was smitten with how darn pretty this family is. I mean, wow. When I saw them walking towards me for the first time — I knew this would be a very special session.

Once flip-flops were shed in the sand, they made the most of the moments — taking it all in. The ocean, the sun, lots of sand and loads of fun and laughter. By the time we got together to seize the magical few minutes of family beach time, they had enjoyed a few days of sun and their faces glowed with the color the sun had given them. And the late afternoon sky worked in concert with the beach to create an aura of dancing light and water to surround them, and make the magic happen.

At times like this, I feel so privileged to watch this family share their love and laughter, gather them together for camera snaps, and take in the beach at the golden hour. I’m naturally drawn to the beach at this time, almost daily (it’s why we live here), and to seize these personal moments that become memorable art in a family’s home is just so exhilarating for me.

The best part is… the beach was worth the exhausting travel to get here — and they’ll be back. I truly can’t wait to see them again next summer. The four pretty girls are growing up to be beauties, with amazing genes in the mix - as you can see in their parents. How they change in one year, alone, is always amazing to capture on camera and look back on.

Their spirit.

It was completely infectious. Loads of spunk and energy, tamed with kindness and respect, it just draws you to them. That’s what love does, and you sense it immediately as it permeates their interaction with each other — and with perfect strangers, which I was before, but not anymore. I SO enjoy making new friends with my clients, and following their family journey. I’m just a photographer who enters their lives for 90 minutes - but their images live on for lifetimes to come, and I relish the opportunity to bring that hour to life, as art.