When Weather Gets in the Way

A Stormy Setback - Beach Family Photo Session in Destin, Florida

Living in Florida, we always say, ‘give the weather a minute - and it will change’.  And indeed, it does. On any given beautiful day - a storm can brew up out of nowhere. Conversely, a storm can last only a short time, and give way to beautiful skies and a perfect outcome.

On one particularly pretty day — while on my way to the agreed location for the shoot, I noticed on the horizon a darkened sky. I don’t think much of it, since it doesn’t always mean it’s coming toward me. Besides, this afternoon was just balmy with some pretty perfect clouds and had the formula for a stunning outcome in the sky during the “golden hour”.

Oh my what a difference an hour makes. 

Because that storm was headed right to shore, and was actually looking quite ominous as it approached. After I parked and walked out to the beach, it was as if everything was speeding up with the storm, and I realized the family was about to arrive with beautiful hair, perfect make-up and fresh pressed clothes for this photo session with very dark skies and imminent rain. And as they walked out to the beach, with 2 toddlers in pristine dresses — I felt completely sick. And I’m sure they did too.

But we all had to look on the bright side — which according to my hand-dandy radar app, looked to be about 15 minutes on the other side of this storm. So, super quick, I took a few snaps and felt a few drops — and we all ran for cover — and sat in our cars. For 20 long minutes, this storm unloaded on us and then moved inland.

Two huge concerns loomed over me:
1) I’d lost precious time in the golden hour - and toddlers have no respect for the minutes that are slipping away.
2) The wind decided to hang around for awhile - and it was relentless.

So we did what many don’t do - we braved the elements and posed and snapped as fast as we could.

The result was different, to say the least. 

The sea was all stirred up. The wind had it’s own way - wreaking havoc with hair. Talk about a wrecking ball. (Men have such an advantage in this area). 

You just never know — and sometimes you go for it.  Getting 2, two year olds ready and psyched for pictures is a precarious process - and who wants to go through that 2 days in a row!

And actually, I love the end result, because the photos are distinctively beautiful of this sweet family - and they capture our coastal paradise when it’s misbehaving. When that happens - we make the best of it.

Even paradise can't be perfect all the time.

I think you’ll agree… the memories are not what we all intended - but the stormy session will always be an even greater story! 

The most beautiful art - on the walls of any home - is a family’s story. 

Storms and all!