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Family of Fortitude and Faith

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Pensacola, Orange Beach, Destin and 30A

The moment I saw this family approach me on the beach, I knew there was something special about them. I sensed they have a great story to share, and the story is taking them to places of love, connection, faith, and strength that inspires all who know them. The one thing that I find most difficult about each family session is the lack of time to simply get to know them, and hear their journey. However, I do look forward to building relationship with them, over time. It’s a privilege to become friends — and have the opportunity to document their memoirs more than just once, but at chosen times along their path — as their family grows, changes, loves, learns and gives.


This family gave much more to me than a treasured beach photoshoot — they gave me a glimpse into a legacy of love and laughter that transcends generations. They share a journey of growth through the struggle of living with cancer in their midst for 16 years.

Darrell Ragland’s story is rare, and amazing. And everyone needs to know it. Because most who face his challenge live in fear of what if.

Mr. Ragland faces his days with so what. So what if he has cancer, he chooses to press on, push through, and show up — as husband, father, and grandfather to those he loves, and leads. You can see the joy, although, through these beautiful images. But be sure read his story here:

The late afternoon I shared with this beautiful family made a lasting impression.

They inspire me. And I look forward to a time I hope I can spend even more time with them, but know this, I will have my camera with me, clicking away as they joke, laugh, hug, love and smile at each other with tremendous respect and admiration. You can’t fake sincerity. They are all lead by the fortitude of this man. His legacy is one that will impact generations - for decades to come!

Thank you, Raglands, for the privilege to know you, and share your glowing love with others! 

You shine!