Life and Style at the Playa Del Rio

Beautiful stories of people, and their world.

Nestled just across from one of the prettiest beaches on the planet - and situated right on the lower bay that runs through Perdido - this gem of a boutique RV park is a must-visit. Oh, and I’m not a RV person - but if I were, I’d really get into this. We go to Playa Del Rio often, and hang out, just because we love it! It’s the epitome of R&R. But something greater stands out about this lifestyle, and certain RV properties that create a unique experience for their visitors. Most of those who stay at Playa, reserve way ahead of time, and come back year after year. You can’t beat the setting, the soul, and a place where...

Everyone knows your name.

And being social is not about being online — it’s personal, the face-to-face, let’s talk, kind. In fact, even phones are left aside - or inside - at the Playa. People just want to enjoy all that’s around them, and get to know others in real conversation. No one stays stuck on the phone, for long. It’s about food, fun, and beautiful sunsets, with wonderful people. Some come, and go. Others stay, and never leave.

Because. Community.
It's like family, here, but better - as in great friendships that are forged through over-the-top good times - along with deep and dark tough times. Storms and floods have had their many turns at devastating Playa, and the going get’s tougher with each dirty and laborious clean-up. 

But. The People.
The "regulars" - who have been coming around for years, know the heart and soul of the owner’s of Playa Del Rio, Mark and Kristy McBride. Friends know their resilience and spirit are a powerful force to be reckoned with. Don’t mess with their pets, property, or their people - unless you’re ready to take on forces of nature. For real.

It’s a different and wonderful world, here. A place that brings laughter to life, and a lift to the spirit. It does so through the people who bring Playa Del Rio to life. And they work hard — very hard — to create the soul, and ambience, that is distinctively their own. 

Old Man Oscar

These days he hangs out, and barely moves, because he has lived a full life - and many years at the Playa. A very big part of their family, Oscar is an icon for the property (which is very pet-friendly) - and probably no one enjoys the R&R more than he does. Old man has earned it!

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Work hard.
These two aren’t afraid of hard work. Well, maybe Mark is... averse to laborious work, but he pulls up his bootstraps, and gets down and dirty with the best. Kristy works hard, regardless. She just goes. And she does, until the job is done. Kristy is a diehard friend. Should you try to out-smart her, disrespect, or short-change her (it’ll never happen, again), not in her presence, at least. Let’s be clear, she runs her turf with fierce gumption and grit, and if it’s not done right, just get on out of her way.

Play harder.
Play is critical to survival. Because of the hours involved, the energy exerted, and the situations that arise in running a vacation property - it can suck the very life out of you. Most everyone who stays at Playa knows about the fun, food and festivities involved. And no reason is needed for a party - in fact, any excuse will do! Cocktail hour starts early on Florida time, and food prep can last all day, with many hands in the pot contributing to (by far) the most delicious fare to be found in the surrounding area. RV folks are serious cooks, y’all. They don’t mess around. We’ve had the chance to experience gourmet delicious-ness by some of the best chefs and cooks, anywhere. And many times, they pool together the talents of the cooks on property that week, and it becomes an absolute feast for the senses. Fresh dock-to-table cuisine can be enjoyed here almost every week, which is addictive. And it’s just one of the many reasons that people can’t stay away from the Playa!

Love deeper.
The biggest hearts. That’s what these two have - and they have grown Playa Del Rio into an in-demand boutique RV property with this keen love for bringing people together, for what grows us together - fellowship, food and friendship. it’s a beautiful thing. The property, the view, the food - most of all, the people - who love doing life together, in this cozy community. Mark and Kristy have gone above and beyond to make the Playa Del Rio a distinctive stay when it comes to RV parks. It’s small, quaint, eclectic and unforgettable - but most of all, the Playa Del Rio embodies the hospitable spirit, and festive heart, of the McBrides.  

Oh... And the music!

The center stage for the property is actually at the water’s edge. It’s the Treehouse. Words cannot describe this sultry southern living and easy-going feeling, on the upper and lower decks of the Treehouse, that Mark and Kristy call their little shabby-chic beach hideaway. The ground floor serves as the main gathering place, along with a community kitchen and the Rio Room. The festivities often include live music, and the Rio room is the perfect set-up for such revelry. All along the waters edge there is a boardwalk with ample settings to sit, or lounge awhile - just taking it all in. And you never tire of the scenery.

The sky and the water change constantly - and the docks spattered along the waterway, add the coastal charm.

This is coastal living at it's finest; not because of "finery" - but because of the ambience and festivities that make visitors feel compelled to return again, and again - for the Playa Del Rio experience

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