Linger, longer at La Brisa Waterfront Cafe

This gem gem of coastal culinary delight is tucked away in an unassuming spot at the water’s edge on Pensacola Bay, in Gulf Breeze.  And it comes with a view rivaling the south seas. Occasionally, we happen upon something, that surprises us with an unexpected experience. This is one of them.

Why linger when you dine at La Brisa Waterfront Cafe?  Well, pictures do speak a thousand words.

The casual bay-side experience is a feast for the eyes, peace for the soul, and so very pleasant on the palette. Upon first look, the location and outward appearance belies what is on the flip side of the building that La Brisa calls home. Yet once inside and seated, the setting starts to draw you into the a serene vista. This combination of stunning view, casual ambience, and delicious food always works wonders! It's like a magnet that draws you back, time after time. While this lovely setting is easily accessible — it’s not easily noticed by passers-by. Once discovered, most realize they’ve passed it often, and never knew it was there.

The location is inside a local hotel and La Brisa doesn’t have it’s own separate building. But once you do drop in - you’ll be back! Owner and Chef, John Huggins, a local Pensacola native, knows how to please the palate, and his creations and style are American coastal + comfort, with fabulous flair. For comfort, you’ll find classic favorite seafood dishes along with burgers and fries, but don’t expect anything average - in taste or presentation.

Huggins displays his creative style by appealing to our senses of sight, aroma, and amazing taste. The plates are full of colorful and fresh delicious-ness with aromas that build your anticipation for the burst of flavor contained in each bite. All of which is to say, go to La Brisa expecting to be filled up with a lot more than exceptional food. You will be surprised at the portions, and everyone finds it difficult to make a choice - you just want it all! 

La Brisa delivers a tranquil and tropical scene that can be quite spectacular, should the skies be inclined to deliver their drama in partnership with the setting sun. One of the very few dining locations in Pensacola that can be considered waterfront, the view is one that brings a sigh of relief, the moment you take it all in.

And yes, do take it all in.

Order a favorite beverage, or trust your server to suggest one, or surprise you. From the craft beer, to the creative cocktails, and select wines, you’re sure to find a delightful drink that adds to the magic of the dancing reflections on the water and the balmy breezes of the coastal waters.

With several vantage points for great photos, one can be found on a small beach, where you can visit with friends — or just take a quiet moment to soak in the rays as you await your food order.

Everything comes together to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and well served at La Brisa. In fact, you may even feel like you’re transported to a tropical location, right here on Pensacola Bay.  Should you want to transport the culinary experience to your own event, be sure to inquire about events and catering.  

Savor the moment.
Bon appetit, friends.


La Brisa Waterfront Cafe