Black Beauty — A Modern Tennessee Farmhouse


There is no doubt that love for the endearing farmhouse style extends worldwide. The styles and varieties are many, i.e., classic, country, vintage, modern, urban, minimalist, shabby chic, rustic, elegant — the list goes on.

According to what is posted online the most, some variation of white is the common color for the exterior and interiors of most all farmhouses. So, when I encountered this black beauty one morning for a new home photo shoot — I was quite literally enchanted. I had to ooh-and-aah for half an hour to take it all in, before I got behind the camera.

I could have shot all day.

Yes, it’s dramatic and breathtaking in black, but there is so much more under this coat of paint that makes this modern farmhouse so special. I’m not the only who thinks so, either. This home has received its’ fair share of attention on social media, and will certainly become a model for classic black farmhouses, all over!

The architecture is understated, simple, clean, and allows for certain features to take center stage.

The entry, the back porch, and the stunning outdoors, in this hillside setting, work in tandem to create quite a statement. Upon entering this home, you sense that much thought and planning went into every detail.

For more specific information, this blog post by highly acclaimed, custom home builders, Carbine & Associates, is a must read. When you discover a painting you love in a gallery, you just want to know the artist, and how it all came together. This post from the master craftsmen at Carbine & Associates gives you all the beautiful details.

There will be more added to the story of black beauty, later this year. The owners are now settling in, and in a few months, we will share how this house functions as a sanctuary, and a studio, for living a wonderful and inspired life.

Live Inspired.