Quinn-tessential Style


As a trained beholder of all that is lovely...

you know "good taste" when you see it. 


Exceptional design requires an innate keen eye for composition, artistry, and structure.  Skill is essential to create an aesthetically pleasing style. 

I recognize, appreciate and deeply admire those who have the skillful ability to orchestrate beautiful style, so that others, like me, can enjoy the all the loveliness. There is loveliness in abundance throughout the stylish village of duh Home and Garden in Pensacola, Florida. In fact, the property is not just a building, duh is an entire stunning scene. Visitors are transformed into the experience of an Italian countryside village.

It's not a place to simply shop - duh is a respite, a getaway.

When you visit, do so with the intent to "take it all in". Ponder, and soak up the sublime experience of the villa, the barn, garden shop and the courtyard. Allow a few hours - if not a full day - to linger and enjoy. Oh, and should you desire to take some of the ‘feels' with you, well then, a purchase (or three or four) is certainly welcomed.

duh is the epitome of impeccable taste — and it’s a resounding success story of renowned purveyor-partners, Quinn Stinson and Jim Rigsbee.

The pursuit of luxe, high end design, with relaxed and comfortable style, is a longstanding passion for Quinn Stinson. The inherent ability and instinctive style of Stinson and Rigsbee is evidenced in the growth of duh over the last ten years, from a 2,000 square ft. building to it’s stature in Pensacola, today. It’s a great read to see how the duh story began, in this article by Flamingo Magazine. 


Bring 'duh' style home.

duh style is enchanting, and alluring — for clients and dreamers, alike. Those with the desire to emulate and delight in Quinn-tessential style, in their own home, can bring his creativity to their own lifestyle. Rigsbee has a growing community of loyal clientele who trust him (like family) to bring elegant style and refreshing design to their own decor. His talent has embellished thousands of homes with duh’s distinctive decor accessories and design transformations. The affinity for duh style transcends Pensacola and graces homes throughout the southeast region. 

Pensacola enjoys a rich history and heritage, along with tremendous gifts and talents among the people who bring accolades to this coastal haven they call home. And should anyone aspire to make their home feel, and look, more elegant and inviting — well, duh. This is a home and garden destination not to be missed in Pensacola, and there is no doubt that one visit will not suffice. The duh family and team awaits, to delight your senses, and welcome you home.

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