it all starts here... on the coast.


hello there!

My own grand-bundle next to a pink sunset I captured for her room. She is destined to love the beach!

My own grand-bundle next to a pink sunset I captured for her room. She is destined to love the beach!

I'm Leslie... a beach gal who feels very blessed and fortunate to live at the water's edge. 

a few of my fav things...
sunrise (but not often), coffee with heavy cream (too often),
peanut butter, chicken, chocolate, chips, wine, sunset (everyday)
...and of course, my camera (always with me).

The Lord is my rock and my salvation.
My husband is my steady and beloved companion through life.
My family is my crown in life - and I wear it with tremendous gratitude.

I've been capturing images and memories since  ...way back.
I adore natural emotions that are stirred through images that speak to us. There are some images that call to us louder than others when they heighten our senses to the core of what we enjoy and love. 

My first "real camera" started with film. 
I have tens of thousands of negatives from my film days. The camera entered my life in my teens, and my experience with families and children began with my own large and extended family. I fell in love with photography, and it's been my creative outlet throughout my journey.

All that brings me here, to this.
Capturing endearing moments in photos, and giving others the story of a time in their life that they will never forget.



My Faith

Why and How

Throughout life, the falters and failures (with a few wins) the Lord is my constant companion. It's the most important relationship I have. Without His faithfulness to me, I just can't fathom where I'd be today. I'm so thankful that He sees my accidents waiting to happen, and intervenes frequently to navigate and direct my steps. Most of the time, that takes place in one of 3 ways. 

  • He reveals direction through His word, the Bible.
  • He sends the message through someone else to "shed light and perspective".
  • He arranges circumstances to accommodate accordingly. 

Personal faith comes through grace and the salvation that Jesus freely offers - it found me early in life. While I've wavered in my own journey - walking out my faith, there has never been a time when I didn't know the absolute presence and power of his Spirit with me. With gratitude for every situation, big or small, daily it's an opportunity to trust Him - and He never fails us.

The wisdom He provides enables me to give others perspective and navigation for their lives, as well. His creation is the backdrop for the inspiring sights, and thought-provoking images, that are my pleasure to capture and share. 



Our Family

Decades of being real - and loving through.

This is only part of our (truly) grand family. We have "his and hers". Together, Jim and I have 6 children - and all are married. So far, our children have blessed us with 14 grandchildren, and we're just getting started with the "grand-tribe". Everyone lives all over the place, so we don't get to see (all of) them much. We still believe that the logistics will get better - as things are always changing. More seasons are on the way. 

Eden Week One-3875.jpg

Meet our newest miracle...
Baby Eden.


Tree Fade in the Park Winter 2018-.jpg