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5 Reasons to be Pinteresting

5 Reasons to be Pinteresting

So what’s getting more (p)interesting?

Pinterest has unique qualities that the other social media platforms do not, and likely, will not. These qualities will allow the platform to evolve into much more than just a magazine-like bulletin board and pinning platform. Pinterest has aggregation built in - which makes it SO much easier to follow and track people - in multiples - or in mass.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are all one feed (one post) at a time, in a linear "news feed" format. Once it’s pushed down the newsfeed by dozens or hundreds of posts, if you missed it - you’ll likely never see it. In order to get posts viewed, the “pro” users have to post multiple times - and often on a schedule. It seems so sterile and contrived, when automated this way… but it's necessary. There really are no other options.

But pins on pinterest reside on “boards” according to subject, so it’s already easy to browse to your specific interests (at that moment) when you see pins of the same interests that you have.

we love images - The attraction is huge.

While the initial use for pinterest has been “aspirational” pinning (posting pictures of things you want or can’t afford) - it’s a lot like browsing through photo layouts in magazines - without all the articles. But the articles make the magazine more interesting - and now pinterest is evolving into the pinning of articles, blogposts, and videos of interest.

This is key.

Here’s the thing - these pin-posts are so easy to browse through since the display allows us to view more than one single feed - AND we are able to view anything, any subject - NOT just those that we “follow”.


With the new messaging feature introduced, it’s easy to engage your community through chats, in addition to making comments on posts. The community affect will surely take a deeper hold - as how we use pinterest continues to evolve.

Men are gravitating to Pinterest in greater numbers, as well.

While Pinterest is predominately populated with women (over 70%) - men are posting their interests regarding sports, beer, athletic content, hunting, fishing, business and fashion - to name a few.

I love pinterest.

Don’t all women? Well, actually, no.
And ironically, the platform that held primary appeal to women when it first started is gaining 33% of its sign-ups daily (now) from men. 

By any standards, at 5 years old, with over 80 million users and 50 billion pins, this (p)interesting platform is a rousing success.

If you have an online business, here are:

5 reasons why Pinterest should be gaining your interest:

1. Magazine style browsing attracts longer user sessions.

It's like a fabulous display (and buffet) of our favorite "magazines" - all at once. And always organized on the board we pin it to. 

For many, pinterest is the true, and welcomed, metamorphosis of the traditional magazine, in digital format — much more so than the online version of actual magazines.

The layout is brilliant. No linear news feed!  But a display of images that we indicate appeals to us. Of course, the images aren’t always attractive, unfortunately, but neither are all the ads in print magazines or on websites. It’s the inherent nature of the beast. The good, the bad, and the ugly (at times).

Let's connect on Pinterest.

Who doesn't love browsing the plethora of magazines ( sometimes, still) available in doctor’s offices, spas and salons? We like variety, pictures, and whatever it is that “speaks to us” - we can’t get enough of it. You might choose Glamour magazine, and I might choose Real Simple. It’s a matter of preference and what we are attracted to.

Pinterest offers that type of experience at our fingertips, and keep's it organized(!) for later viewing or reading, once we've pinned it.

2. Users chooses their interests, not what is served or posted randomly on the platform. 

That’s how Pinterest gives us what we actually enjoy seeing and reading!

It's is the core reason why pinterest is going to continue in significant growth. Because it allows us to focus on what interests us - NOT what is fed to us, and only by those we follow.

Pins, of interest, can be seen - regardless of who you follow.

On the other social networks, I might see information from others when it’s shared or retweeted by those I’ve followed - but never do I received subject matter of interest to me from those I don’t follow. This is a huge difference. In fact, FB and Twitter serve us information (in our feed) that we are not interested in - more often than not. Its why I can’t spend more than 5 minutes (on average) on the other “big 2” - because I’m so weary of the junk -  which equals subjects that don’t interest me, at all. 

And the news feeds tend to be so repetitive.
Granted, Pinterest can be repetitive, but again, it’s subject matter we have indicated we are interested in by the boards we follow or the type of items we pin, consistently. So, the Pins that I view are interesting to me, on some level.

3. Self aspiration vs. self promotion — Pinterest is less narcissistic.

This is big (to me, anyway). Let us consume what we are attracted to and interested in. Stop the random news feed.

Other social networks, including the latest video streaming social media apps (Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat) all push content all about the interest (or promotion) of the person we are following. I’m fully aware of the reciprocity principle where “shares” or “retweets” are promoting others, but again — it’s not necessarily a topic or subject that interests me.

4. Pinterest allows the user to select only the specific boards of others we would like to follow.

We can actually get an idea of that their particular interests and aspirations are, by simply viewing their own board - unless it’s a business, and we know they will be all about what they market.

If I’m interested in what someone pins about our mutual interest of photography, but not interested in what they pin about desserts, I can be selective with that. I’m able to follow them according to our common interests in subject matter.

And (typically) the subject matter is (not only) what interests them - what they aspire to do or to have — not what they are promoting, i.e., food, travel, home furnishings, fitness, sports, fashion, etc.

That said, businesses are now all over Pinterest - promoting their products and brand, but it won’t show up in my feed unless it’s subject matter that I’ve personally selected or shown interest in.


While Facebook and Instagram are posts about ourselves and our personal world - and Twitter is more a newsy-commentary (and random musings, for the most part) - Pinterest is about (drum roll)...

What we are interested IN.
What a great view into someone’s world. What the aspire to enjoy, do, be or travel to. It’s a very positive energy - and has a world of possibilities.

5. All-in-one Wish list and vision board


I remember (far too long ago) cutting pictures out of magazines to build my “dream book” for my future home. Today, Pinterest does this for me - and I can make it a public board, or keep it completely private (for my viewing only). And the best part, it’s like receiving these pictures from 100 magazines that know exactly what I’m looking for! 

This is why I can browse on Pinterest for quite awhile. The images just pull you in - and when you pin one that you love, more appear that are similar to it. So I can dwell in my fantasy wish-list for hours — which I may or may not have done before. 

The story of 5 year-old Pinterest continues to unfold, and be told. And with good reason. The distinctive pinning platform is a social network, of sorts, but uniquely different than it’s counterparts, Facebook and Twitter. It’s these unique differences that will propel the platform forward, especially as Pinterest continues to create ways to be more social and engaging with others on the platform.

Oh, now things are going to get pinteresting...

The power of the crowd - all getting what they are looking for. What a novel idea.

Knowing that birds of a feather flock together, those who first fell in love with Pinterest in the initial 5 years will take the social platform through evolution in the next few years. I’m looking forward to how things transform and evolve.

I’d love to see Pinterest add even more, of course — and here’s my wish list:

  • Become more community focused (serve up boards of those in your area to follow).
  • Be simpler to engage in chat conversations. It’s doable now, but seems awkward.
  • Weed out the pins that lead to junk sites. While it’s such a plus to click an image and go direct to the source — for shopping or further reading — it’s also frustrating to land on junk websites that have nothing to do with the pin.

I’m so appreciative of the fact that Pinterest is different. It’s caters to our preferences - yet is a tremendous resource, as well.

How we use and engage with social networks is always evolving. 

Nothing ever stays the same.

Which is why social media shouldn’t either. The platforms that evolve and change with their audience will continue to grow. On the contrary, those that expect their platform to attract more users with the same old style and functionality will all but disappear in the next few years. I converted to Twitter as an actual “user” about a year ago - but frankly - it has become boring to me. It’s just hard for me to engage with it. Less is more, on the chirping platform. 

There will always be new apps on the scene, that will carry the attention for a short while, simply because they are new, and hopefully, unique. But the long term use and adoption by the average person depends on whether or not the masses see any real value in it - other than the initial thrill of a new twist on marketing, promoting, communicating… or just selfie-sensationalism.  

To be more (p)interesting - pin what interests you - and what your business is all about. Every tap leads back to YOUR site, if you pin from your site - and makes it so easy for your followers to follow, and land, exactly where you both are (p)interested! 

If you’re already using Pinterest — what are your favorite things about the platform? Have you been holding back on using Pinterest? If so, what are your hesitations about it? Comments are welcome. :)

I'd love to see you on Pinterest! 

Until next time...