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The ONE Main Thing that Swayed Me to Squarespace (over Wordpress)

How Squarespace “had me at hello" as my blog/website platform.

You know what it feels like when the more you dig into something, the deeper and deeper the hole - and you feel as though youll never be able to climb out. Doing due diligence, many times, feels like a huge waste of time, when the more you discover, the more frustrated you become with what you see.

Ive been pretty techie, for quite a long time.
Most things come pretty simple for me. Yet, when I began my search (over a year ago) for the platform I would use to begin my new online project - it was one the most daunting and rigorous hikes I
ve ever encountered.

I learned that there are so many layers to Wordpress - and ultimately, through a lot of exploration + trial and error, I knew didnt want to get on the path to learn Wordpress (WP) - period. Its cumbersome, time-consuming, and complex (if you want to design something that is creative in style, and audience-friendly). Should you want something basic for a simple blog or website, WP works without a lot of headache, I suppose. However, the way I wanted my site to function, with 24/7 flexibility - it loomed as a huge hurdle to cross, with a constant, gigantic headache.

Until I found this...

I’ve never been a "basic" kind of person. I am drawn to what is unique and creative - and I want to be that, as well.

So I ventured to request quotes from web designers, to create and build the site I was hoping for. My frustration escalated. Not only was it beyond my budget, it, also, meant that I wouldnt have full control, because I wouldn't know how it all worked together. So, that meant I would become dependent upon a designer or service for the up-to-minute changes I tend to make.

It just was not going to work.

Foggy Bay - Leslie Brown

Have you ever just about "blown a gasket"?
Maybe that
s a southern term, but its the ultimate in frustration, because you dont see a solution in sight. The tunnel was long, dark - and with no light at the end. I felt as though I was a failure before I even began.

Somehow, one day - I had an introduction to Squarespace (SS). Id heard of it before, but was mostly unfamiliar with it. The Squarespace message pretty much grabbed me with the first walk-through of their promotional website.

It impressed me.

I loved the look-and-feel of the various template options, yet something kept saying to me, you wont be taken seriously unless you use WordPress. It felt as though I was copping out, on myself. My techie inclinations were failing me. Yet, I was drawn to the Squarespace "Build it Beautiful" appeal. 

Hall Aura - Leslie Brown

Let me just say, Im so proud of myself for trusting my instincts being drawn to this dreamy platform. And Im one of a huge groundswell of others who feel the same. Its not just the aesthetics - its the functionality, as well. Im still learning all that can be done, and having fun in the process, actually. I never, ever, felt like it was fun with WordPress. And for all the gazillions of WordPress fans out there, dont hate. Im just sharing my own personal experience to encourage others who may be on the dark path I once was - to give them online kudos to keep exploring! Its all about finding the right fit for you.

And the ONE thing that got me?

Its the same thing that drew me from PC to Apple, actually, and converted me for the long-term.

That one thing is seamless.

This is big to me, because it frees me up to do what’s most important for my business. Everything in SS works beautifully, intuitively together, and without fail! 

The experience within the Squarespace platform is streamlined and seamless - the way that Apple products are (personal opinion). Its part of the overall design - for everything to simply, and elegantly work, integrally.

Oh, and no plug-ins. (!!) And I don’t miss them. There are plenty of 3rd party widgets out there that can be used with Squarespace, if its not provided as a tool, already.  Plus no updates, no huge learning curve - because everything works together automatically! I dont have to keep up with updates  Squarespace takes care of that.

And we can say a big Hooray for the support! 

PelicanGroup - Leslie Brown

Yes, they had me at hello.

Because you actually have support, and they are truly responsive. Their team is service oriented, and is doing a grand job of it.

A few months after I launched my website and blog on Squarespace, I stumbled upon Elle & Company Design, a.k.a. Lauren Hooker, who is several years down the road in her business development, and in her prolific experience with the platform we both share a love for. Below are a few great articles to check out - to get her take". They serve to affirm that I am truly on a valid and viable platform that will serve me well in my online business journey. If youre looking for additional information...

Lauren delivers for you, here.




Regardless of your business aspirations, whether for retail products, B2B or online/offline services - there is no doubt that Squarespace will serve you, quite well, if you like what I do about them. You can get a very professional look, and update whenever and wherever you choose. They have analytics built in, and I access them on an app on my phone for real-time metrics on site and blog traffic. Just peachy-king, yall. Check it out - and if youd like any help in getting your website/blog up and running, let me know. Ive become quite the techie, again and very soon, you might just have to call me a Squarespace expert.

If you try them out let me know your thoughts, and Id appreciate your comments below, as well.

Until next time  keep blazin’ your trail,