Purveyors of Coastal Life

Just about everywhere you go along the Emerald Coast, you'll meet someone who will gladly share how they ended up in this area - for good. And it's not unusual to hear them say... "I came here for vacation, and I never left," or something very similar. 

Coastal magnetism. 
People create a style, around the life they love.

For some, it's the mountains that call... for others it's lake life that speaks to them. But for those who have the spirit of the sea and salt, well - you never feel quite at home, like you do when you're "coastal content".

It's that sigh that unconsciously exhales upon the smell of salt air, the caress of a balmy breeze, and the sparkling paparazzi of the abundant turquoise water.  

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Life here is relaxed, yet infused with energy and creativity that reflects the beauty and movement of the ever-evolving coastline.  The purveyors of style come in many forms. Some are visionaries, and others bring ideas and concepts into reality - but there is no shortage of sensory impact in the choices offered in things to do and enjoy, among the emerald waters.  

Our culture pours pictures upon us in an almost overwhelming pace.  Yet, with such easy access to countless images comes an almost de-sensitized response.

Until we see something in an image that gets to us - speaks to us.

Then we pause, ponder, and linger a moment - absorbing the sensory arousal. Whether it's the image of an amazing burger, a stunning sunset, or an inviting living space - we are pulled in, and take notice.  

In the stories we bring to Sea, Salt & Style - we seek to delight our visitors with images that evoke an emotional response, through a sensory perspective.  The photos will draw you into the story...  to seek out more of the source of this image that reaches out, and calls you by name.