- What to Expect -

from your Family Beach Photo Session

Preparing for your Photo Session

  1. We are going to have fun capturing what you’re family is all about and mix candid fun with posed smiles. Want some good ideas for candid and posed shots? Look at some examples here, and let me know what you like the most.
  2. Since the sun doesn’t wait on anyone, please be a few minutes early. We have to capture the light - while we can - before it’s gone. We will be on the move, for 45-60 minutes.
  3. Bring a few sand toys for children. It helps to distract them and keep them focused on something other than being hot or bored taking pictures.
  4. Bribery is king. Let children know that a treat is waiting for them after all the pictures if they have smiles for the camera. 
  5. We will be on the move to capture as much as possible in our brief time with the moving sun.  Stay tuned-in to the photographer and avoid conversations or cell phone use during the session.
  6. Bring water. It’s hot, and the heat can zap you.
  7. Bring a beach towel to lay down your belongings, i.e., sunglasses, water bottles, shoes, during the session.

What to Wear

You have several options, and it’s simply your preference. For extended or multiple family sessions - it’s a good idea to have everyone text you a picture of what they plan to wear, so there are no surprises. If that’s not possible, let everyone know the color theme and type of clothing. Stress solid and muted colors. Busy prints and stripes will stand out, and should be avoided. Also, if everyone is wearing muted or soft colors (which are perfect at the beach) - someone wearing neon green or bright red will be the only person seen in the photos, because the eye will be drawn to their clothing. Not a great result.

What to Bring

  1. Water (oh, and drink a lot of it the day of your session)
  2. Hairbrush (it gets breezy)
  3. Bribes (snacks or toys for kids under 5)
  4. Wipes or Towel (small one to brush off sand, drool, runny noses)

At the Photoshoot... 

Relax & have fun!

On the big day, we will meet at a pre-determined location and spend about one hour together making some art!  We'll talk, laugh, explore, and create, together.  I'll guide you every step of the way!  I encourage kids to play and be silly.... and adults are strongly encouraged to do the same!  We're not after perfection here, we're after REAL LIFE interaction with fun and smiles all mixed in!

Take a look at the many options for great poses, candid shots and clothing themes here on this Pinterest board. Let me know any favorite requests you may have!


After your Session

I'll spend several hours selecting the best photos and editing them to reflect the essence of your family — so you can be sure your photos will be gorgeous! My clients receive around 90+ final images from their session in their personal gallery.  

I shoot many more than that, but I always narrow it down to the best of the best!  I have actually found that showing more images makes selecting your fave images much harder.  So, I select the best expressions, the best hair, the best light.... trust me, when you see your images you'll KNOW you're seeing the best of the best!

Viewing and Ordering your Photos

Print. Print. Print. 
Your gallery makes it easy! Canvas or Prints... Just do it.

Once your photos are ready for viewing, typically 7-10 days after your session, I’ll send you a link to your own private online gallery for viewing and selecting your favorites!  At this point, to receive your password and access — you’ll need to complete your final session payment. You’ll receive the link for this after your photoshoot.

I provide museum quality artwork when you order prints, canvas wraps and photobooks through my online studio. You’ll receive great discounts - because it pains me to see your beautiful photos printed at drugstores, superstores or online mass printing sites.

Included in your session package:

From your gallery, you will be able to select and download 90+ of all - or your favorite - hi-resolution images with full print release. 

I’ll coach you through the ordering process and have your stunning family artwork in print - and in your hands within three weeks of the session date. 

It's a fun and easy process for you, and other family members, and I can't wait to create family art and memories for you to enjoy, for lifetimes to come!  


Thank you for the privilege to seize these moments
your family.