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Dear Sandy Toes

Dear Sandy Toes

There’s something about the sand, and our toes in it.

We have this in common when it comes to sand. When on the beach, we have sandy toes. And we dig our toes through the sand. Shoes don’t matter, here. They don’t even work well, here.
In fact, when we hit beach, shoes are shed, and shunned.

It happens, but rarely.

Every once in awhile, someone leaves their shoes on, and that’s okay. They have their reasons, and beach people are fine with it. Because on the shore - we are easy-going, laid back, leaving the concerns of the world behind. Millionaires and paupers share salt and sand, together — and no one knows, or cares —because we are on common ground, a level playing field, where image and appearance are back-to-basic. "Au naturelle."

With salt in the air, and sand in our hair — we don’t fight it, but revel in the freedom it gives to be totally undone. 

At the beach...
We aren’t here to impress.
We are here to decompress. 

It’s full-on summertime.

The country goes on “vacay” — (millennial speak for vacation).

This weekend - we celebrate America's independence, and millions flock to the beaches and coastlines of America. It’s part of the summer ritual - along with fireworks and barbecue. Yet, when we arrive on the beach — all concern for performance, results, success, strife, and work are a world away when the shoes come off, and toes hit the sand. Or, at least, we do our best to soak in the surf, sand and sky without thinking about the cares and concerns of work and life. 

That’s likely why our Creator gave us the vistas of the mountains, fields, valleys, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. For when we are arrested with the beauty and the grandeur — we are forced to ponder what really brings us the greatest joy and rest. Rest, meaning free of striving, driving, pushing and maneuvering.

That rest — that place of freedom from worldly concerns — is a haven. And it’s the closest we come to understanding a fraction of what it will feel like in heaven. Heaven — and all eternity will find us free from concerns, baggage, skeletons, mistakes, disappointment and failures. Our entire existence will be filled with the presence of our Holy God who designed ultimate fulfillment where we are finally free from what all that pulls us down, or away from Him — while on earth. We will enjoy, forever, a euphoric feeling that we only know now, in part. 

Our earthly haven is that place where we experience being truly relaxed, peaceful and joyful. Whether it’s in the mountains or on the beaches, or fishing the streams — we know when we are there - because of how we feel when the burdens of life are lifted, if only for a short time.

When toes hit the sand, consider how all the other, just doesn’t matter. It’s a better you. It’s a better all of us — when we are in this haven. The beach is where we share this restful euphoric atmosphere - on common ground, with the rest of the crowd. And who they are, where they come from, and what they do just doesn’t matter.

We have...

A better frame of mind.
A thankful heart.
A patient and relaxed spirit.
A tolerant attitude.
A joyful outlook.
A happy face.

What a difference it would make if we could bring this mindset back with us upon return to the “real world”. And likely we could — if we took more time to be in a haven for R&R + mindset adjustment. Don’t Europeans place a higher importance on holiday? I’ve heard that several times before, and have friends who speak of the lengthy holidays that are taken in Europe. With all of the great things about our country — we do work too long, and too hard. It’s my hope we can decompress more often, and take the pressure and stress way down in our lives.

Back to simplicity.
Back to basics.
Back to values.

Back to more (and longer) vacation holidays.

Thank you, summer. What would we do without you?  

Happy Independence Day!

Until next time...