Meet Ebb, and Flow.

Happy New Year!

It’s been a few months since the last post. Didn’t plan it that way, but it happened — and there’s not much explanation behind it, other than my friends Ebb, and Flow. Likely, you’ve run into them before, maybe never formally introduced. They are a mainstay in my life, and mostly likely yours, as well. 

Meet Ebb.

Always pulling back. Withdrawing, and receding. A retreat, of sorts.

Ebb is when the circumstances or emotions of life are depleting us, (or trying to) rather than filling us. Been there? Me too. A lot, lately.

But yet —

Meet Flow.

Flow eventually comes, although the times are not so predictable, as the tide. Flow is the opposite of Ebb. We are drawn into Flow. It’s filling, sometimes rushing, but always pushing forward - sometimes even over the brim. There’s always enough with flow. The pull, the energy, the surge, is undeniable. 

But alas.
Flow doesn’t always last either.
There is night and day.

And there is ebb and flow.

Always. You can count on it.
Time and tide waits for no one. 
And the sun never pauses for one more photo.

It’s always going, going, then gone.

Have you missed a few of the images I've captured from the last few months? Go here to see what you’ve missed. There a 4 Galleries now, and you can start with paradise, because… why not?

In the last few months, I’ve thought a lot, about the direction I take the blog, from here.

You see, I’m not really a great, nor an avid, writer. I can do it, but it doesn’t come naturally for me. Writing blog posts on subject matter that may — or may not — matter to you, is a challenge, because it’s not my gift. 

I'll blog less by writing, but journal more through images that inspire and tell a story. 

This has all caused me to ponder the various ways we (each) have available to share our stories, and bring our own gifts to the world around us.

I strongly believe that we must get to know who we really are, and then live that out, on purpose. There are a number of things each of us could do — but what we should be doing is what we are most passionate about, and gifted at doing, even though it may not be the way we make a living. If so — well, even better!

Oh, how we need one another to do this.

I have a dear friend leading me through this process, using a tool called PathFinder, and encourage you to check it out here, if you’re interested in learning more:  


While for some, their gift is in music, or art, or writing — maybe administration, accounting, developing, creating, casting vision, or executing plans — in my case, as with millions of others around the globe, I love capturing images and sharing them as an art-form with others. It’s my true passion and where I’m most lost in the moment from sheer enjoyment. But there is so much more to it, it’s like a recipe — all the specific ingredients that make you and me… unique. 

This also contributes to the ebb and flow of relationships, work, and creativity. When you know how all of these pieces connect together, along with your experiences and your own personal DNA —

then you are empowered by your friend, Flow. 

The vision pulls you.

I’m pulled to invest in others - and inspire - through my unique gifts, passion, experience and purpose. Part of that is the passion I have for image journaling and offering perspective — here on my website. But also in other ways which involve my work, by communication and connection with others.

I thrive on helping people find their way, whether they’ve strayed from their path, or are still seeking to find it.

Last year was about Ebb.
This year is all about Flow.

I hope your journey this year is about Flow, as well. But should you find yourself with Ebb, these days… hold on, be patient — because Flow is coming!

Let's invest, and be blessed, in 2016!