A heart full... and a sim card, too.

You know how things left unattended in the outdoor elements lose the luster and vibrance that they once had? Cars lose shine and begin to rust. Decks become dull and worn. Grills look weathered. Gardens become overgrown.

The same can happen with our spirit — which affects the zeal, or lack thereof, that we have for daily living.

Our soul is the essence of who we are as a person. And as such, we can grow weary, bored, overwhelmed, oppressed, depressed, lonely and stuck. Our body continues on with daily routine (but not always) and our soul left unattended to will eventually become lost, stuck, or even numb from the affects of the emotional and mental struggle.

We’ve all been there. Whether temporary, or prolonged - we can identify with the emotional flatline that can occur. Sometimes, we don’t even know what causes it, but like the early symptoms of an oncoming cold, it’s best if we address the early signs and give attention to what’s trying to pull us in.

I’ve found that doing certain things, or placing myself in situations that I know uplift me are effective ways to combat the emotional tide that we sense is coming. 

What is that for you? Is it...

listening to music
creating art
taking pictures
making music
cleaning (I know, that’s a stretch)
sitting in solitude (in a favorite spot)
talking to a friend
taking a drive
walking the beach
going to the park

What about watching the sunset, and giving attention to someone you love?

Be still my heart.

Any of the above, and many other things, could appeal to you - but it should be what makes your soul sing and and help escape the present circumstances, or emotions, that seem to squelch or bury you?

For me, there are a few things I know will lift me - as water does for a dry and thirsty plant. And when I recognize the symptoms starting - I know I need to remedy and address them as quickly as possible, in order to avoid a more challenging emotional detour.

So… I pray with gratitude for my blessings. I drink coffee with a friend. I take pictures, browse photos, take a walk, go sit on the beach, relax with a book - if possible - even if only for a short period of time.

Just a reminder... Take a break. Do what you love.

Because your soul needs attending to.
And your energy needs a recharge.

Taking pictures fills my heart, and my sim (memory) card. It's a tremendous recharge and escape for me. When I fill my camera's memory with new images from moments captured for forever, that bring great pleasure - well, my spirit is full, as well.

And I love sharing it with you.
Enjoy, and be uplifted. That’s my hope, and my prayer, for you. 

Beach Picnic