Watersound and Alys Beach Family Photographer | Lost Behind the Lens


"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people". 
- Annie Leibovitz

There is no way I can adequately explain how it feels to get lost in the subject of my focus when behind the camera. The time seems to rush by, and I find hours pass in what feels like mere minutes.

That’s how you know it’s a passion, when you simply lose all time in the sheer enjoyment of what you’re doing.

And each time I stop, there’s a bittersweet feeling. Because I love capturing the light of life, and how it moves us, and makes us feel — and I never want the emotional connection with those moments to end.


You never know what the weather might be in December in northwest Florida. It can be so windy and cold, you’d think you were in Chicago - or - it can be a day like this day. It was complete perfection… no wind, just enough cloud cover, calm waters and a watercolor sky. Add in a delightful family that soaked up every moment of a magical afternoon.

Well, it was lovely. 

It was a December day to cherish, and they received more pictures in their gallery than usual - simply because of how it all came together, wonderfully, and this photog could hardly stop snapping.

Oh, and there is so much to love about Alys Beach and Watersound on 30a! The entire area is breathtaking, so any chance I have to shoot there — I jump at it.

I’m sure you’ll see why. 

Leslie BrownComment