A life to savor.

Where are the brakes? Can we slow this thing down? Why does it go by like a whirlwind?

Somewhere around 60, you realize how fast you’re traveling — through life. It just doesn’t seem possible that it’s all gone by so fast. Before we know it, we are watching our children have children. There is nothing that prepares you for the loss of time gone by. We can only give presence and priority to the moment we are in — wishing we hadn’t been lulled by the insignificant pursuits and distractions of daily life.

Moments like this cause me to want to sit, gaze, ponder and pray - without life interruption. I wonder if — and hope — that I can take it all in (now) with more awareness, and focused attention. Alas, life stands still for no one.

Yet one thing I’m so very grateful for. The ease with which we can capture any moment, and savor the goodness. It’s my suspicion that’s why I fell in love with photographing life and landscapes early on. The moment is never forgotten when captured. And I miss having the treasures of times past so easily accessible as they are today.

A precious baby girl has entered life in our family. And life is changing, again. There is this keen sense of awareness to be still, do nothing, and just enjoy the gift of her presence — because I know how things will speed up again, all too soon. 

A wonderful new chapter begins.