Destin Family Photographer - A Big Golden Pond


It’s not unusual for a client to say, “Can you order up a beautiful sky for our photos?” Oh how I would love that, but then we would all miss out on the unique way each sky evolves, and personally, I love to see how the Master Artist sets the mood, each and every day.

My husband is often questioning and doubtful on mornings of heavy weather. He questions whether I’ll be able to shoot a scheduled session later in the day… he has the tendency to doubt that the session will be a “go”. Yet, I typically say… it’s too early to tell - anything can change, and most of the time, it does.

Summer afternoons in Florida are never predictable.

So I’ve learned not to predict for my clients, ever. I just encourage them that it will all work out, and most every time, we have a lovely backdrop - with some ending up spectacular. Of course, I can’t predict that, either.

The mood this day seemed fairly predictable, but what appeared unexpectedly was a reflective pool of water to capture the gorgeous light, and a family of four, in motion. 

Honestly, that’s what I love capturing the most… people in motion, and with emotion. The poses are great, and we will always want and love them. However, I know you’ll see why I love the alternative, in the results from this gorgeous Destin photo session. 

This family was crazy kind and truly patient - wanting to savor every moment they had on the beach together. And savor we did as my lens captured it all. 

This. I love.