Sandy Toes 2017 Highlights - Families at the Beach



You know those seasons in life that come from behind, take you by surprise, and keep you in a revolving door for awhile? I actually enjoy (most of) them, for a period of time, but I’m also thrilled that they don’t last forever. No one can keep a frantic pace, indefinitely. 

The 2017 family and couple 'sandy toes' sessions were truly incredible. I never tire of them. The 2017 season was unexpected, a whirlwind, and I loved every minute. Having just moved to Pensacola in the fall of 2016, I had no idea what my photography schedule would look like in a new area. 

In this post, you get to see the highlights of a few of the images I love most from last season...


It could be feast, or famine. 

Sometimes you just do the next thing that seems right, to start stirring things up in your business. It can feel as though absolutely nothing is getting any traction, and then when least expected, the trickling of requests becomes a steady stream of activity. In the Spring of 2017, it felt way too quiet to think that anything was going to take off. Yet, like a wind that comes unexpectedly, and you don’t see it coming — well… 

life changes just like that.

Amid great intentions to document and blog-post the busyness, I had to set something on pause in order to focus on what was most important. Serving my clients, being attentive to their expectations and delivering accordingly was the order of the season. 

It was a season where I was blessed to meet fabulous families, capture great stories-in-the-making, in beautiful beach backdrops. I photographed families and couples in locations spanning from Perdido to Rosemary on 30A - and we enjoyed extraordinary settings for each photo session. I have oh-so-many favorites from beach time spent with the wonderful people that I had the privilege to photograph.

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