When the Sky Goes Glam


It's been awhile, far too long, since I've blogged the incredible family sessions I get to shoot. The privilege to be barefoot on the beach, capturing forever moments for the families who find me is overwhelming. It's a God thing, and such a blessing. 

This day, for this family of four, was nothing short of amazing. I never know how the beach will look, because it's always different in color, drama, serenity, and glory. 

I love skies with clouds.

With each nightly sky, there is a different personality. These clouds were beautifully placed, and caught the sun just right to project such incredible light. I told the parents how special it was, the way the golden hour was setting up... but I never really know just HOW special until I get home and review all of the images. 

This sky showed up, and showed off.
And all I can say is... wow, thank you Lord that the whole earth proclaims Your glory. This night, it was nothing short of glamorous.