Numb Toes, Warm Heart


March does just that. The month marches through each year however it pleases. And you never know what you're going to get!

Sometimes March is gentle - but not this time.

Cold, windy, and the sand y'all - downright freezing. Almost as bad as walking barefoot in the snow! So, imagine how I felt knowing the beach photo session for a young family was going to be cold and uncomfortable. And add to that a two month old - a most precious (and patient) baby boy. This little man was as good as babies come! He just rolled with whatever we wanted to do to capture his first visit to the beach! Apparently, the chill did not matter, but oh that wind sure did. Those little eyes started to show the strain of the gusty beach - but he was the chill one! 

Somehow, even when I think there is little chance we will beat the elements, we do it! The moments he first saw the ocean and touched the sand are now history... but they will always be alive in the great images that documented his sandy, chilly toes!

Leslie BrownComment