The Eyes Have It


We have all met those little babies who are too pretty to be a boy, and this one is no exception. His little features are a dream in front of my camera... and those eyes

This family is also part of my family. Baby Soloman is a grand nephew, and a second cousin to my grands. So, needless to say, this was a very special lifestyle session. With babies and children, you just go with the flow, and the easy-going flow, during a few hours of capturing their life, was amazing. I truly wanted to hang out all day and just shoot! 

Mom and Dad are parents for the first time - and they seem as though they've been doing this for years. The calm in their home is palpable. Even when sweet Soloman gets upset, they exude this spirit of confidence and comfort. It's who they are, and how they live - always kind, loving, and patient. 

Faith lives here.

This family knows Jesus, and everything they say and do is anchored in their faith. Their entire clan exudes grace, His marvelous grace. And another miracle of life now blesses their journey, in Soloman. What a beautiful and joyful little one. 

Those eyes, tho'.